Welcome to JB Group Fitness!

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ENJOY getting in shape!

JB Group Fitness strives to help individuals ENJOY reaching their fitness goals. The JB Group Fitness Blog is created to provide motivation for those who would like to get in shape, but can’t stick with regular exercise programs.

In this blog, JB Group Fitness will provide information about exercise, healthy eating and mental-wellness in a fashion that is engaging and easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. We believe that all three are necessary to becoming happy and healthy. Information about new classes offered by JB Group Fitness will be listed in the Classes section of the blog.

Owner Jessica Buntain believes that in order for a fitness regimen to be effective it must be fun. Let’s face it; you just aren’t as likely to come back to a fitness class that pushed you until you cried as one you LIKED attending. JB Group Fitness strives to provide exercise programs that you will love enough to stick with it and meet your goals.

  • Contact us at JBGroupFitness@gmail.com or leave a note in the comments.