The Truth about Bloating in Recovery

At JB Group Fitness we like to ENJOY getting in shape through fun exercises. Although exercise is important, proper nutrition is a vital part of the equation. The blog post shared here is a beautifully written piece that has an excellent explanation of what the body goes through when we do not get the nutrients our body needs, and the difficulties that our body (and emotions) go through to recover from these circumstances. In order to perform at its best, our bodies need nourishment. Only with proper nourishment and love, can we move forward and reach for new goals.


Alright, truth time.

There’s an elephant in the room, and it has to do with refeeding in recovery. And that, my friends, is bloating.


This is an uncomfortable topic to talk about, because it has to do with body image. During recovery, we’re working on accepting our new body and learning to love it. We’re overcoming body dysmorphia, and #realtalk: we’re working on weight restoration.

Frankly, bloating makes progress in those departments rather difficult.

My biggest fear during weight restoration was that I was going to wake up one morning and just be massive. I was afraid that my body would just balloon out of control. There was so much anxiety about that allusive “weight range.”  I journaled about it a lot:

I am nervous and weary of how my body will be at the end of my stay [at inpatient]. I am scared that if it changes to a point beyond…

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