Meet The Instructor

Jessica Buntain l

Jessica Buntain is the Owner and Lead-Instructor of JB Group Fitness.


ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor (2015).

Certified Nonprofit Professional through the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (2011).

BS in Business Administration and Marketing from Kansas State University (2011).

Minors in Leadership Studies and NonProfit from Kansas State University (2011).



Jessica is interested in specializing in exercise aimed towards tackling asthma, diabetes, obesity and stress. An asthmatic herself, she knows that exercise can sometimes be daunting. Jessica started running in 2011 When she realized that she could barely run a fourth mile without having an asthma attack, she devised a regimen of carefully monitored, consistent gradual increases in intensity to overcome this obstacle. Jessica was successful and as a result achieved her goal of running a full 5k without her emergency inhaler in May 2012. She has since completed several 5ks and continues to make progress. She has set a new goal of running a 10k. She has also witnessed the difficulties and stress associated with exercising while diabetic. She wants to help others overcome these obstacles and take back the active lifestyle they deserve.


Personal Interests

For personal fitness, Jessica loves country line dance, swing dance and two-stepping. She also enjoys high-intensity interval training, plyometrics and yoga.

Outside of fitness classes, Jessica also works part time at KP Event Design, a floral and design business located in Overland Park, Kansas that specializes in wedding design. Jessica appreciates the opportunity to “play” with flowers, make altar backdrops and help make each wedding unforgettable.


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Meet The JB Group Fitness Team

Jessica Buntain l jbgroupfitness.wordpress.comJessica Buntain created JB Group Fitness in July 2015. She has a B.S. in Business Administration and Marketing from Kansas State University and is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through the American Council on Exercise. Jessica, Owner and Lead-Instructor of JB Group Fitness,  loves country line dancing, swing dancing and two-stepping. Outside dancing, her fitness interests include high-intensity interval training, plyometrics and yoga. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking, running, quilting, crafting and gluten-free baking.


Lisa Miller headshotLisa Miller joined the JB Group Fitness Blog team in September 2015 as a Professional Blogger and Innovative Marketing Specialist. With a B.S. in Apparel and Textile Marketing from Kansas State University, Lisa began her blogging and social media marketing career with The Mommy Stylist in June 2012, and is now Executive Editor. Before that, she served as Assistant Designer at reVamp, where she also created monthly e-newsletters, press releases and ad designs. Lisa strongly advocates that looking and feeling your best empowers healthy and confident life choices. As part of the JB Group Fitness Blog team, Lisa will work to create editorial and manage social media marketing.

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Welcome to the JB Group Fitness Blog!


ENJOY getting in shape!

JB Group Fitness strives to help individuals ENJOY reaching their fitness goals. The JB Group Fitness Blog is created to provide motivation for those who would like to get in shape, but can’t stick with regular exercise programs.

In this blog, JB Group Fitness will provide information about exercise, healthy eating, and mental-wellness in a fashion that is engaging and easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. We believe that all three are necessary to becoming happy and healthy. Other resources and blogs with similar interests may also be shared. Information about new classes offered by JB Group Fitness will be listed in the Classes section of the blog.

Owner Jessica Buntain believes that in order for a fitness regime to be effective it must be fun. Let’s face it; you just aren’t as likely to come back to a fitness class that pushed you until you cried as one you LIKED attending. JB Group Fitness strives to provide exercise programs that you will love enough to stick with it and meet your goals.

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